Who are we


So who are we? We are Trinity Christian Introductions and we are a non-denominational organization with the express purpose of reaching out exclusively to all unattached Committed (born-again) Christians i.e. Divorced / Widowed / Not yet married.

Become a member of Trinity Christian Introductionsa highly successful one-on-one Introduction / Dating Service. Our website warmly invites you to complete the user-friendly Membership form which is located under the Navigation Menu Membership Form.

What makes Trinity Christian Introductions unique and stand out from the many hundreds of Internet dating sites?

  • Trinity Christian Introductionsis Blessed! Established! Professional! Successful!
  • Trinity Christian Introductionswas created and established as a direct result of the need for such a service.
  • Trinity Christian Introductionsis based in England, operating in South Africa and globally.  Refer to Meet the Team.
  • Trinity Christian Introductionsis not an Internet Dating site.

The need to establish a UK and South Africa based Introduction Service arose out of the continual support we received during research. Further research and many, many enquiries later, we listened!!, hence the extension to introductions to other Believers globally

The membership growth throughout the UK and South Africa is phenomenal. Globally too!

This Service operates very differently to Internet dating sites and thus cannot be compared to such services.

Although we do operate a website, you would not be joining or subscribing to a site per se. Rather, you would become a member of Trinity Christian Introductions (and not a member of the “site”), a personalised one-on-one Christian Introduction/Dating Service (not a club!).

Personalised service and not computerised!

We provide a much-needed service, thereby offering a discreet one-on-one personalised Christian Introduction/Dating Service with a confidential approach, thus providing members peace of mind, knowing too, they will only be introduced to Committed (born-again) Christians through Trinity Christian Introductions. We are not just your average “run of the mill” dating site.
Our service offers a secure place for Christians, in search of meaningful relationships.

You could even meet your soul mate (as many, many have). Refer to Success Stories.

In essence, members connect directly with other selective members and not via the internet.

Trinity Christian Introductions is not affiliated to any particular church group. Thus we are open to all unattached Committed (born-again) Christians from any bible based/Trinity centred (God the Father, His son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit) denomination (traditional/evangelical/charismatic).

Our number one priority is YOU, the member, thereby affording you the anonymity and privacy that you deserve and NOT publishing your name, details and photograph on our website or any other internet service, making you public property for all and sundry.

For the record, Introduction Services have been operating for many years and long before Internet Dating sites existed and even before the inception of cellular/mobile phones and email. Back then, Members only had landlines to make contact. Such is the creation of modern technology.