Meet the Team


Debbie Williamson
As our specialist Matchmaker, Debbie has a proven track record for hand picking partners for her members, through the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit.   Having more than thirty-five years of experience as a Match Maker, she thrives on successfully introducing like-minded, equally yoked individuals who later marry and live out their Happily Ever After.  Debbie is passionate about God and places Him at the forefront of everything she does.  Members have complete peace of mind that Debbie has their best interests at heart and that everything is done with the utmost confidence and discretion.   Debbie treats all members like family whilst upholding a high level of professionalism, integrity and discernment.  She meticulously works towards finding the perfect match for members that will expectantly culminate in a wonderful happy marriage.  Debbie successfully managed Connecting Christians in South Africa for more than thirty-five years and is an integral part of Trinity Christian Introductions.  Connecting Christians and Trinity have merged, thus enabling a far wider member base and geographical footprint.

Verity Knott
Verity is an enthusiastic born-again Christian whose purpose is to honour God by helping the broken-hearted and those who suffered life’s trials and tribulations.  Through her own life experiences and subsequent healing and growth, Verity minsters to those requiring inner healing and peace through the leading of the Holy Spirit.   She offers comfort, prayer, discernment, love and support during the most difficult of times and encourages those in her care to seek out God’s Will for their lives.  Verity has the sincerest heart and the ability to truly listen to people.  Having experienced much of life’s challenges herself she is able to understand and identify with the grieving and healing process.  We wholeheartedly believe that it is crucial to heal from past experiences before embarking on new relationships.  Verity helps members ensure that they are healed and have closure before starting afresh.

Having a background in Finance, Verity is also our CFO and manages the finances and administration for Trinity Christian Introductions.