Success Stories


Below is just a selection of couples who utilised our personal Introduction/Dating Service and successfully found love and marriage!

Please note:
Not every couple, is comfortable in sharing (publishing) their wedding photo on our website, and thus we respect their privacy in this regard.
Age range of couples who have met through us, vary between late 20’s through to 80’s.

Many people have asked me about testimonials.
This is a well-known quote:  “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Very true.
Actions speak louder than words.  A wedding photo speaks success. That in itself is a journey, a testimony.
Experience tells me that a photo says it all. Whereas words are just words.
A couple would not be able to share their journey in a mere sentence.
If every couple had to share their journey in writing, guaranteed the reader would not spend hours reading tons and tons of dialogue.
Besides, anyone can write nice things, and read what you want to hear, but a wedding photo paints their story.
Having said this, because many readers of our website have requested, I have selected a few couples to share their testimonials, each different and unique.