Success Stories


I have only just joined and already I have received many profiles of lovely ladies. Thank for you all the wonderful profiles. Your service is beyond fantastic.
I should have joined Trinity long ago! I tried many dating apps and online Christian sites hoping to meet Christians, but I was unsuccessful in meeting true Christian gentleman; until I joined Trinity which is an Introduction agency and not a dating site and makes the world of difference!

Thank you Debbie and Verity. You are both such inspirations and an encouragement to me.

James and Rachel
I am not a social butterfly, I do not frequent pubs or places which are over crowded with (over) zealous people. Which is why I was finding it difficult to meet ladies. I did not want to join an online site and become a catalogue number. So I searched and found a few Introductory agencies and after praying for God’s leading, I chose Trinity Introductions. The Facilitators were and still are, very helpful and gave me confidence and peace of mind, that I was making the right choice.

Before joining, I called and chatted to Verity (the other Facilitator) and I was impressed with her professionalism and her love for God was at the forefront of her chat with me.
God is also at the forefront of Debbie’s passion for us Christian singles and that is another reason why I was drawn to Trinity. Debbie is super honest and that is what I love. No pretence.

After contacting a few ladies I was introduced to Rachel. I liked her profile very much. We are on the same page and have similar interests and vision in our relationship with God. We also love laughing and having fun whilst still maintaining a happy balance of seriousness. We are enjoying our time together.

Like James, I am not a crowdy person, can be very shy until I get to know someone. Geographics is also important to me, however, I have come to realise that God makes it all happen if we are open and willing to do our part. James lives about four hours from me, and so I was reluctant to contact him because of the distance.

However, God worked it all out. I am in Human Resources. When I first started chatting to James, I just prayed for an open door because of the fact that we are live far apart and then without warning, the opportunity came for our company to open another branch (in another area) and they chose me to facilitate the opening. James lives 15 minutes away. So for the next 3 months we are able to visit and spend a lot of time together.

Joining Trinity was the best decision I have made in order to meet like-minded Christian gents and my purpose was to find a partner. So far so good! The future is looking good and we are not concerned about distance because we are trusting God to continue to open the right doors. Life is an adventure and we are just enjoying the journey.

James and Rachel recently announced their engagement.

Thank you for the work you do in bringing people together. I would also like to commend you on the quality and calibre of the profiles you send out.
I really believe that this should be shared; we are extremely impressed with Debbie and Trinity Christian Introductions and the service that they offer. I recently researched the internet about good dating sites for my mother in law. The majority we tried turned out to be dodgy and nerve wracking. My mother in law cancelled very quickly.

Trinity is not a dating app or dating site. We have found Debbie to be very efficient, caring and extremely honest in her approach. She places people together, based on many factors, including age and similar interests etc through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Initial communication between members is via email until you are comfortable to chat via WhatsApp and then meet for a coffee. All of the members are scrutinized, so no fake profiles or scammers/chancers. This is Debbie’s passion and I think it is a great one at that. It is very difficult meeting someone out there which can be a mine field.

Just thought that I would share this discovery of Trinity Christian Introductions.

Lance and Kate
Debbie, briefly this is our story, which we hope will bring joy and a sense of excitement to your readers. As you know, I was not impressed with you for sending me Lance’s profile because he is 15 years older than myself. I made my unhappiness known to both you and Lance. But both of you persisted, it was “just coffee”, and you both felt Holy Spirit’s lead. I then opened my heart and just decided that if this was God then I would simply be open to whatever the Holy Spirit had in mind. I am so glad that I did. Praise God.

Lance and I met and immediately, we felt that although, we did not see a romantic relationship blossoming, the beginnings of a great friendship quickly grew.

Debbie, what you did not know as it was not relevant at the time. Many years before my mum met my dad, she bore a daughter out of wedlock. Sadly circumstances prevented her from raising her little girl and the baby was adopted. My mum went on to meet my dad, they married and I and my two siblings were born. She never kept her first daughter a secret from any of us. Birthdays were always filled with prayer, thanksgiving and praise for this life and for God and life to keep her safe. Searching for her, proved fruitless.

Lance and my friendship grew. His first wife and he divorced because she was adopted and unable to locate her biological parents, she never felt complete.

We later discovered, this lady was the very same daughter that my mother had to give up for adoption! Only my mum had never given up hope and faith that they would one day find one another.
Needless to say, that our families re-united, a time for rejoicing and plenty of joyful tears. My sister has 4 siblings, all adopted. Incredible. We are now one huge extended family.

Feeling closure, my sister just remarried Lance, becoming my brother in law! And I am engaged to be married. Sounds complicated; my sister’s adopted sister’s husband’s youngest cousin. (In other words my brother in law’s youngest cousin).
All praise to our Father.

Paul and Mandy
On paper, it did not seem that Paul and myself had anything in common. And his photograph was also not impressive. I remembered that in your membership guidelines, that one of your early members once penned the phrase “You can never tell a man by his profile”. And thank you Debbie for reminding me of that.

My sentiments exactly. I just was not convinced we had anything remotely in common. And I also did not think Mandy was my “cup of tea”.
Only to find out that we have so much in common and neither of our profiles had indicated that. Even our faith, we are on par.
We love spending time together, and we can during lock down as both of us are in the medical field. So we are blessed about that fact. We laugh so much and in the flesh we both feel that we could of missed out because of photos and profiles. Of course we are very attracted to one another not only in our characters but also spending time together, we see what others might not see. Beauty is special and very personal.

We are enjoying our relationship and look forward to what God has in store as a couple.

We are delighted to announce that we are now engaged to be married!

Craig and Doreen
We just dropping in to say we are still going strong.

Six years married already can you believe it? We have two beautiful little precious girls aged 4 and 12 months old. We are still referring our single friends to you and will always be grateful that God sent you on both our paths so we could meet.

(From Debbie (Matchmaking Specialist) Craig and Doreen had the same surname, albeit not a very common name. I had to contact them both first to find out if they were related before introducing them, thankfully they were not related!).