How does it work?

How does it work?

Are you an unattached Committed (born-again) Christian looking for friendship, a relationship, love, romance and yes, even marriage?

It is of the utmost importance that we operate this service according to a Code of Conduct (Terms and Conditions as set out in the Membership Agreement).

It is our desire to uphold this service to the best of our ability (according) to Christian principles (which is why we ask certain questions on the Membership form!).

Thus you are required to complete the Membership form in full and please be specific with regards to certain questions.

Trinity Christian Introductions operates as an Introduction Service and is not an Internet Dating site.

Upon completion of the Membership form and joining as a member, thereafter members need not log onto/return to our Website.

All communication is then directly between the Facilitators and between each member that we connect you with, and ultimately who you choose to meet.

Click on the “send” button at the end of the Membership form and it comes directly to the Facilitators (It will not remain in “cyber space” and nor is it posted on our website).

We compile and create your profile and email it to you in our Standard Letter One for any amendments. (You would provide your email address on the Membership form)

Letter One also includes membership fees and products offered.

You will also receive (via email) our Standard Letter Two which contains general information (a summarised version of the website).

Once you activate your membership by paying a nominal membership fee. Refer to Membership fees :

We personally forward (email) your profile (and photo) just to selective members according to your/their preference / as close as possible. And not to all and sundry.

And you, in turn, receive their profile.

Once profiles received : Members then contact one another directly and not via the website.

An initial email to establish contact and thereafter and by mutual agreement between members, do you connect ; via Text/WhatsApp/telephonically etc.

To this end, we do not include mobile numbers with profiles. Members exchange (mobile numbers), once they feel comfortable in doing so.

Meeting one-on-one in neutral surroundings / in public over a cup of tea or whatever, would ultimately be the next step and you both go from there.

To this end, technology has provided a wonderful tool and opportunity and thus enables one to chat over social media platforms like Zoom, Skype or even WhatsApp video. This too, is a perfect way to get to know one another a little better. Albeit not meeting physically, these platforms (and others) enable one to chat one-on-one which will ultimately lead you to the next step of physically meeting.

Members regularly keep in contact with the Facilitators via email, provide feedback (on progress) and list of profiles received thus far. Profiles are emailed regularly upon request / your profile fits the specifications of another gent/lady member requesting profiles and/or new members joining and your and their specifications are similar.

We personally, (together with the Leading of the Holy Spirit) facilitate membership / matchmaking / introductions.

You are under no obligation to join even after we have received your membership form.

Registration is free by completing the Membership form, however, in order to meet other like-minded Christians, you activate your membership by choosing one of our affordable packages and paying a membership fee.

We provide a personalised service, as well as one that is a lot safer. This is a big fear for people when using Internet Dating Services, you have no idea how authentic that person really is, or if all the things they say about themselves are really true!

Having said this, we are not against Internet dating. Many successful relationships have developed through the internet. However, caution and wisdom is strongly advised.

With Trinity Christian Introductions, there is at least a certain amount of monitoring ; a third party i.e. The Facilitators. We also provide and maintain personal contact with each member. Members are welcome to contact us via email/calling direct/WhatsApp (text, voice call or voice message). That in itself is a safeguard.

Our Membership data base consists of genuine and authentic Committed (born-again) Christians. There are No Chancers / Scammers / Fraudsters on our large data base.

Pseudonyms or fictional names on profiles are not permitted.

Our passion and vision is to make a difference!

If you still unsure or in doubt you are more than welcome to  Contact Us

Who should join?

Only Committed (born-again) Christians (Divorced/Widowed/Not yet married), are eligible to join and thus become a member of  Trinity Christian Introductions.

There are no exceptions.

Why Should You Become A Member?

There are many internet dating services/agencies out there but this one is different and here are just a few reasons why you should join:

We make it easy as possible for you to meet other like-minded Christians! It’s as simple as that.

We offer personalised one-on-one introductions and not posted personal ads that really do not say anything, nor do they take your beliefs/desires into consideration.

Many people dislike bars and clubs and therefore Trinity Christian Introductions provides people with the opportunity to meet like-minded Believers.