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YES! Based and operating in the United Kingdom since 2017, and in South Africa (for over 35 years as Connecting Christians, and merged with Trinity Christian Introductions) and now introducing Believers to one another globally.

You must be 18 years or older to participate.

We presume that the people that visit our website are Committed (born-again) Christians and have come to this website to meet other like-minded Believers with similar interests and beliefs. We trust that everyone who joins as a member will conduct themselves in a Christian-like manner. We cannot guarantee that everyone that visits this website is a Committed (born-again) Christian, however only Committed (born-again) Christians are eligible to become members. Having said this, we are not a site per se. We are NOT an Internet Dating Service, rather we are a personalised one-on-one Christian Introduction/Dating Service.

Unfortunately no. Amongst other reasons – In a nutshell – Although you might not be living as husband and wife – technically you are still married. That door of your life needs to be firmly shut!! You can only literally move on once your divorce is final.

No! We are open to all unattached Committed (born-again) Christians from any bible based/Trinity centred (God the Father, His son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit) denomination (traditional/evangelical/charismatic).

Absolutely! We are 100% committed to your privacy. We do not sell your information to any marketers or sales people. Your safety and security is our primary concern.

Never! Only member’s name, email and short profile.

No! Only your name, email address and profile (brief description plus interests) are forwarded to selective members who fit your profile, likewise you will receive same. Profiles are personally emailed to each member via the Facilitators. (Refer to our Standard Letter One which you will receive after submitting your Registration/ Membership Form. This letter will include your profile).

We reserve the right to edit, crop or reject any photos. The following will be rejected: Nude, obscene, sexual or otherwise offensive photos and/or technically/digitally manipulated photographs.

Refer to Membership fees

EFT (Electronic Transfer) or Direct deposit. Banking details provided in Letter One.

We get asked that question many times and based on biblical evidence:

You are not doing God’s work for Him..
You are merely placing yourself in the position whereby you can meet people.

To quote a member – which we believe sums it up: “I am not going to go out and find a husband, but I am going to put myself in a place where God can actually bring someone along my path”

You could sit at home and wait for God to send someone literally knocking on your door and He has been known to do that! However, we do have to do our part and once we have cast our net, then it is up to God to do the rest and He will..

He uses all circumstances and situations and places to bring His people together, you can meet someone in the park, at church, in the library, on the beach, in the street, at a restaurant, through friends, through Trinity Christian Introductions.

If you or we were doing God’s work for Him, then guaranteed this service would not be successful, then we would be involved in the wrong ministry!!

We have to get out there and do things in faith, taking a step of faith is what God expects us to do. This is not a marriage bureau and no, you not joining a marriage bureau, whereby you are guaranteed to find a wife / husband but you will meet people and hopefully someone special which ultimately will lead to marriage (as many, many members have).

Like looking for a new job, we cannot sit at home waiting can we?! Or if we want to lose weight or get fit, do we sit and home or do we do something about it? Or want to learn to dance. How do we do that, by waiting on God or get out there and do it – and God will do more than you could ever hope for!!

And yes the Word does state – we need to wait on Him – and His timing is perfect. As renowned Christian Teacher, Joyce Meyer has shared publically, “God will do His part, but we also have to do our part, we cannot sit around doing nothing”.

Or let us take it even a step further, a person needs some form of counselling, be it with a respected Counsellor or even a Psychologist. GOD is the Healer, and He restores and heals the broken hearted. So why go to man when He can do it? Of course we could work through it ourselves with just God and receive counselling and healing. BUT God uses man. God created man to use their intelligence and gifts thus to bless others – professionally too!!

Yes we trust God and He is control. However, He does expect us to get out there and it does not mean you desperate, it merely means you have a desire and that is the truth.

Yes! Strictly for Record, Administrative and Security purposes. The Facilitators will never expose/give out a member’s mobile number for any reason whatsoever(including but not limited to) Members, Non members, Sales and Marketing Agents/Companies or any Social Media platform and/or website. The Facilitators, could from time to time, engage in conversation with selective members by calling direct / via WhatsApp / Text. And of course Members are more than welcome to call or WhatsApp us! Once you begin chatting with other members, and feel comfortable in doing so, you then provide your mobile no to respective members. Please be mindful of the fact that we are not an Internet Dating Service. We are an Introduction Service. We work very differently to that of Internet dating sites. All our members are genuine and sincere Committed (born-again) Christians. No Chancers! No Scammers! No Fraudsters! Personalised service and not Computerised!

We hope we’ve answered all your questions, however if something is not listed in our FAQ’s and you think it should be then just let us know below.